Box of luxe Premium Collection

Box of luxe premium collection boxes are shiny and very luxurious looking, the gold collections contain 14 carats of gold glitters in the paint. The boxes coming five different sizes: XS 10-15 , S 20-22 , M 25-27 , L 50-60 , XL 90-100. These boxes are handcrafted products. Available from fresh cut and preserved roses. Exclusive colour flowers like gold, silver and black are available within this collection.

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Fresh flower products

Fresh cut roses are placed into wet floral foam. Flower food is mixed into the water. The rose boxes come with enough water for 5 days.

Lifespan of the roses

The flowers freshness last for 4-5 days in Queensland, and 7 days in Victoria and New South Wales where the weather conditions are cooler. Keep it away from heat and direct sunshine.

Safety instructions

Larger boxes are heavy because of the large quantity of flowers and the wet foam.

Our  Fresh flower based products – Imported Colombian roses

We make our fresh flower products from the luxurious look Colombian roses. This rose type is famous for its exceptional beauty, head size and strong stems. Colombia is located on the Equator, surrounded by the Andes Mountains where the climate is stable and optimal for growing the large sized roses. Our rose supplier has internationally recognised certificates such as ISO 14001; JAS-ANZ; Business Alliance for secure commerce; and Florverde sustainable flowers. Our customers can   choose from 5 different colours of Colombian roses currently.

Preserved roses

Preserved roses are placed into dry floral foam.

We use the superb quality Colombian  roses to produce our preserved rose collection. These flowers are immaculate looking fresh cut roses, which are preserved by a special flower friendly technique to keep their freshness and make it last long. The roses keep their softness and vibrant colour by this method. It will look fantastic as a precious piece or a luxurious decoration in your home. It has no special maintenance and no watering is required. However, it must be kept away from the excessive sunshine, heat and humidity as these factors are shortening the preserved roses’ lifespan. Their expected lifespan is between 6 months to a year. Best choice for those who would like to keep it for a long time. It is a good choice for an exclusive home decoration as well. The roses do not contains any poisonous chemicals.

Our Boxes

Box of luxe premium collection boxes are shiny and very luxurious looking, the gold collections contain 14 carats of gold glitters in the paint. These boxes are handcrafted products.

Wrapping materials, ribbons, floral foams

We use the best quality wrapping materials and satin ribbons and floral foam for our products.

Additional information

Box Size

XS, S, M, L, XL

Box Colour

Black, Gold, Silver

Premium Rose Colour

Black, Gold, Silver